Stepping Out

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I used fabric from my daughter-in-law's wedding dress to make the flowers.

What you will need

  • Cotton fabrics mainly batiks

Q&A with Majo

crazygran asked:
Stunning, absolutely stunning! I am sooo inspired to learn quilting but I must learn with small steps and maybe I could reach an inspiring level such as yours. I passed this web onto a friend too :-)
Majo answered:
Thank you and I hope you enjoy your journey.
mollybuckie asked:
love this quilt!!!! Is there a pattern to this? and where can I find it?
Majo answered:
Just on scraps of paper - it one that I designed.
Handmade2 asked:
Gorgeous, love it. This is really what i want to do, i love painting so reckon i could transfer my art into these sort of projects, what a challenge!!
Majo answered:
You will have a wonderful time doing so ... of course you can always paint on your quilts as well.
betty co9 asked:
AWESOME!! I had lace (at $150.00 a yd) left from the one and only wedding dress I made so I used it the make a baby blanket for her daughter. What a wonderful way to make memories. Do you have a pattern for this or know where we could get one? Thanx for sharing, Betty
Majo answered:
I agree ... it is wonderful to be able to preserve special memories in our lives. I don't have a pattern but feel free to use any ideas from the quilt or ask me questions.

Skill Level