Step Down Piecing

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I did all the quilting with my walking foot - even the arcs in the small squares. This was OK for this size quilt but if it were bigger there would be a lot of wrestling with the quilt to turn it. I would then go to FMQ with the darning foot What advice would you give someone starting this project? This little quilt measures about 24" x 26" - will probably end up as yet another chair cover for the dog! I changed the square size to 4" finished for the big squares & 2" finished for the small squares. I'm not sure I would want to make a bigger quilt using this technique as I think it would get really awkward to sew on the squares to a large already sewn part of the quilt top and would be kind of tedious. It might be OK if the squares are bigger for a bigger quilt.

What you will need

  • leftovers from 2012 BOM quilt; Aurifil
  • Bottomline & Isacord thread; cotton batting

Q&A with Darns

gmhnQuilts asked:
Very pretty!!! Love the quilting.
Darns answered:
Thank you! I was surprised how easy the arcs were using the walking foot.
Pam NZ asked:
This has turned out lovely Darns... lucky ol Wallace ;-) Having just watched the lesson on this one, I agree about not wanting to make a big sized quilt LOL! Interesting construction tho... did you get dizzy LOL? Love your quilting of it too... specially the cute little white squares... perfect!
Darns answered:
Thanks, Pam! It was easy to get kind of lost when putting this together. You really need to keep your squares lined up in the order you want.
twinsis asked:
I love your choice of colors. You did a great job assembling the pieces and quilting.
Darns answered:
Thank you, twinsis! Interesting project but wouldn't want to do a big quilt using this technique - I really like my assembly line piecing!
Beth245 asked:
Looks great Darns - I agree with the size of the quilts - saw somewhere in Craftsy that by adding your ironing board beside your left size of the quilt and putting vinyl on top of helps to feed large quilts through - was a great idea for up to a queen size but am going to get the king one professionally done - just a big of a stretch for my poor old machine.
Darns answered:
Thank you, Beth! It would be really hard to get a king sized quilt in the throat of a home machine - might be doable but a lot of work moving the quilt around. asked:
Darns, you are one lucky dog!
Darns answered:
You don't think Wallace is spoiled or anything, do you? These chair covers give me a good reason to try out a pattern without committing to a whole quilt - works for me!

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