Project Description

What are you most proud of? How the colors turned out. I used 3 fat quarters and started with adding a little soda ash and then yellow, then let that absorb some then added the next color, kept doing it that way till I got to the third fat quarter then what I done was squished it down pretty hard to absorb all the excess dye. I didn't pour any dye on the third fabric. I pushed it till it absorbed the extra dye and then poured soda ash over the top. Such a fun experiment to do and can't wait to try a yard of fabric instead of fat quarters. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Just play and experiment.

What you will need

  • Procion Mx Dyes Soda Ash P&B Fabric

Q&A with Thelma Bradshaw

Darns asked:
I love these! The colors are fabulous!
Thelma Bradshaw answered:
Jo-Mo asked:
Wow! beautiful results Thelma, the colors are amazing.
Thelma Bradshaw answered:
Thanks !
Thelma Bradshaw asked:
If you have a pool supply store, or a Walmart , buy ph plus and that is same as soda ash. Use a half cup ph plus to a gallon of water. I don't have my conversions in front of me to give you cm measurements
Thelma Bradshaw answered:
I meant to tell you also that I didn't measure the amount of soda ash I poured in the container.
Maggi21 asked:
Lovely colours
Thelma Bradshaw answered:
Maryann asked:
I love these, Thelma. I'll have to try the stacked method next!
Thelma Bradshaw answered:
Thank you Maryann

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