Stack Centers for My Swoon Blocks

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I think my bits are matching up pretty good, they aren't so off that if you were galloping by on a horse, as my friend says, you would notice the little discrepancies. They are just busy enough to keep your eye roaming. What advice would you give someone starting this project? This is not a beginner project. Although the Swoon Quilt would be a suitable quilt for someone that is just past a beginner. You need to be able to sew HST units and flying geese, match seams and cut straight...if you can do those things, you can make a beautiful Swoon Quilt. I am just taking it a little farther (because my life is not chaotic

What you will need

  • cotton fabric

Q&A with Applekrisp

mo.sews asked:
these are beautiful! you are very talented!
Applekrisp answered:
Thank you mo!
Boxinggirl asked:
Wonderful job and I love the way you switch off the fabrics for a different effect from the same pattern. Looking forward to seeing the finished project.
Applekrisp answered:
Thank you Boxinggirl, you have it backwards...they are all from the same fabric, one I just loaded the fabric so you can see what they are made from.
Darns asked:
Don't you just love how the stacked fabric designs turn out? I look forward to seeing the next blocks in this series. You have done a great job cutting & sewing.
Applekrisp answered:
Thanks Darns, they are great fun!
Surfside6 asked:
That original fabric is beyond beautiful for a Stack and Whack. I guess Swoon is on the same idea? I will have to check yours out when I can. I don't do Flickr. Having a busy day today . I have to confess it is always hard to visualize what will work and I would probably have walked right by this one on the bolt. have made it smashing, as always. Beautiful. I just realized I used some of the same words that Wasa used --- great minds think alike. Hi Jean!
Applekrisp answered:
you can see the swoon blocks at my blog site Thanks for the compliments, you should do a swoon...they are FUN!
NanaJeanFL asked:
I am speechless applekrisp. These are absolutely stunning, gorgeous, beyond beautiful. I've never heard oa a swoon quilt. I can hardly believe this is all from the same fabric. Would you mind posting a picture of the fabric before its been cut? Thank you for sharing! Think I've found a new goal - to do a swoon quilt!
Applekrisp answered:
Just for you Jean, I posted the base fabric so you can see what the origin is. It's such a fun quilt block, goes quickly and you'll have lots of fun. I put some links on my website for the Flickr group that just makes swoon can get some great ideas about what you might like to try. Lots of variation on display, modern, romantic, name it!