Stack and Whack Samples

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That I had the courage to share this work. It is truly unique the way it comes out. Some good blocks, some a little off.....so be forwarned, keep your centers as well matched as possible. You can fudge a little on the other seams (very little), but the center ones are key. I have posted this as an incentive to a couple of friends here who has expressed an interest. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Look at fabric differently. The most ugly one probably will be perfect. The more colors and swirls or twist and turns, the better. Bethany's book (she has several) gives good example of what to look for in choosing. I call this my potato chip quilt --- have trouble going to bed after finishing a block, I'll just do "one more". Enjoy

What you will need

  • Wild cotton print of many colors and shapes
  • usual quilting tools

Q&A with Surfside6

MaryLouiseAB asked:
Very cool! I've always wanted to try those but haven't had the guts to do it.
Surfside6 answered:
Trust me, I would never have taken the class if I had not seen the finished product. It was so beautiful, and not super difficult. Her book can be intimidating because of my brain function, I see some things in reverse, I swear. But once you get in the swing, it's such a joy to play with. Just be patient with yourself.
desna asked:
Wow!!!! well done Surfside6 I am so impressed:)))) I have bought the book, bought the fabric, bought the templates... you could say even bought the t-shirt ;) You have so inspired me... thank you so much start this fun project soon. Although I still have to do Sept and Oct BOM's
Surfside6 answered:
Desna, scroll down to my reply under Mary Louise. I got a phone call just as I began typing and it was meant to be in your name. See why I have trouble with computers and quilt patterns? I cannot walk and chew gum at the same time. LOL
kmc75 asked:
I love stack and whack! Your's are wonderful!
Surfside6 answered:
trying to respond - keeping jamming - will try later
patz in suffolk asked:
Stack 'n' Whack is still a complete mystery to me, but I shall rise to the challenge one day. I'm so grateful that you included a picture of the original fabric on your post as this has given me a good idea of what can be done. I love your blocks - well done!
Surfside6 answered:
My guess is the sample of the fabric is KEY to encouraging someone to try this project. I know when I saw my first quilt in a shop, I was hooked. There can be a lot of waste of fabric, so I save everything and make a multi bind from it, which you could never repeat, and it works well. Such fun. I need more hours in the day. as di we all. Thanks for your comment.
Tanya W. asked:
Great job, and SO many blocks! I too have yet to try this technique, but think it will not be too long down the road before I give this method a try!
Surfside6 answered:
I have several little baggies just waiting for my attention to make more blocks. Amy's class has taken up a lot of my time...for which I have learned so much. Thank you for your comment