Square With a Flair

Project Description

What was your source for this quilting project? Other Tell us more about what inspired you. Outdoor sports need a lap quilt. What are you most proud of? I like the softness of the flannel, and the jewel tones of color are so inviting. What advice would you give someone starting this project? One can make this as large as you would like, keep cutting and making squares until it's the size that you want.

What you will need

  • This is a quilt to take to hockey games. It is meant to be very warm and is personalized with the hands of the four boys in the family. I used flannel
  • wonder under for each colored square
  • wool batting
  • and trilobal polyester thread. I thought the poly would be stronger for something that will get washed more than the ordinary quilt.

Q&A with 4bird2

Shoestring asked:
4bid2--this is so genius. You've planned and considered every detail--from construction--to function, durability and warmth. Colorful squares spilling over. This is an inspiration quilt (your boys hand prints). More than just a stadium blanket--this will be an heirloom. Bravo 4bird2.
4bird2 answered:
I'm grateful for your kind thoughts. I just got it in the mail for my best friend's daughter in Duluth, MN. The handprints that "Grandma" secured will be a surprise. I've quilted messages in black on dark, not visiable in a photo. They will be so comfy!
Emafish asked:
Great quilt! I love how the shapes of the hands contrast with the squares. The quilt looks very soft and inviting.
4bird2 answered:
Thank you for comments. The quilt is very soft and snuggly.
desna asked:
I love this and the colours are fab... the hands in the center are wonderful and so well appliqued. I tried sewing some hands on a block but didn't turn out well but I have learned to use 505 adhesive now:)
4bird2 answered:
Thank you so much Desna. I love the 505 adhesive. I used wonder under to secure the hands and then appliqued onto the top.