Spools Quilt Top

What you will need

  • pre-cuts
  • Honeysweet

Q&A with a1angiem

Meredith K asked:
Wow, really great!! Love the triangle border & the photos of the stacks of partial spools! Lots of work!! Great fabrics too :) Have you enjoyed the class? I considered taking it..
a1angiem answered:
I REALLY like the class! I have 3 more of Joanna's quilts lined up to make. She's a good teacher and has some great tips and tricks. She focuses on using pre-cuts and there is not a lot of demonstration or instruction on basic quilt making so I probably wouldn't say a beginner should choose this as her first class. Joanna's patterns are easy to follow. I have more details about the construction of this quilt on my blog if you're interested. Thanks for the kind words!