Solar Sun Stitch & Slash

What you will need

  • 4 fat quarters of batik and threads.

Q&A with cari2rcky

fiberphyl asked:
Your design must have taken some serious planning. It's lovely .
cari2rcky answered:
Thank you. I really didn't think it through at all. Maybe that is the secret.
Ladymax asked:
This is truly awesome and I love the colours
cari2rcky answered:
Thank you.
Deemeegee asked:
This is so unique Very joyful
cari2rcky answered:
Thank you. The next thing to do is embellish and sandwich. Spent this morn looking for items to bring out more color. Can't wait to get it done and on the wall.
mo.sews asked:
This is amazing! Great colors and design! Love it
cari2rcky answered:
Thanks! I enjoyed the process and the freedom.
HelenEliz asked:
I love the colors and the design!
cari2rcky answered:
Thank you, was amazing how it just came together. This project was a trial sample. Hangs on my wall now.

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