Snazzy portrait

What you will need

  • Flesh fabric
  • batiks
  • roving
  • child's jean jacket
  • altered
  • matching threads
  • ear rings

Q&A with Hawkeyeannie

Carol Ann Waugh asked:
Your eyes are wonderful. That's definitely a focal point for your portrait. I also like the way your hair blends into the background and then flower on your lapel pulls the whole piece into a dream-like state. Nice job!
Hawkeyeannie answered:
Thank you, I'm working on a double portrait, my best friend and me. I'm adding eye lids so the eyes won't look like I've just seen a ghost, lol
patz in suffolk asked:
This is beautiful. I love the way you've used a colour other than red for the lips - it makes it more real, somehow. The subtle colouring gives the whole thing a rather ethereal look.
Hawkeyeannie answered:
Thank you, I love doing her, the lips where fussy cut from an upholstery fabric that had a large pink rose. I just used the part between the petals. I also used fabric pencils to enhance corners. I love doing these, I made my BFF and Me portrait for Christmas , gave it to her, and she loved it. I love this tutorial and the teacher as well. very inspiring.