Small Star Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Learning how to paper piece and how my free-motion quilting has improved!

What you will need

  • batik and printed quilting cotton

Q&A with Emafish

LynnHyman asked:
Very pretty!
Emafish answered:
Thank you!
4bird2 asked:
Beautiful, I am admiring your quilting.
Emafish answered:
Thank you! This project gave me some much needed practice with quilting and I'm feeling more confident now.
Peggy Martin asked:
Wonderful work on your Sailor's Delight quilt - your fabrics and quilting are gorgeous!
Emafish answered:
Thank you!! I'm feeling more confident with both the paper piecing and quilting so I think with the New York Beauty pattern I will make a larger quilt next time :)
susiq asked:
This is truly inspiring. Susiq
Emafish answered:
Thank you!
Grammsy asked:
That's a beautiful Quilt, a job well done.
Emafish answered:
Thank you very much!

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