Six Year Old Will Think It's Cool

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I finished it. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Start smaller. This is 14 x 18. Less hand stitching. Have more narrow color theme. Fewer or no crossing of couching

What you will need

  • Gee. Threads and couching of cotton
  • polyester
  • rayon. Cotton
  • poly felt
  • Misty Fuse
  • cotton crocheted lace
  • sari silk yarn

Q&A with Kathy Riggs

bjb830 asked:
The first time I looked at this I wasn't sure I liked it. Then I looked at it closely and slowly. I am really impressed. You did things I would never think to do. I will keep it in the back of my mind and maybe try some of it myself! I really like all of the different types of stitches, machine and hand stitches. The combination really looks good together! I never would have thought to cross over the couching, but I may try it. Also, think of what is most important, if your 6 year old grand-daughter likes it, you've done something right!
Kathy Riggs answered:
I'm with you. I didn't think or plan much. Still not sure what I think of it. For the embroidery, poked the needle in over and over, not sure where I was going. Some of it sucked after I'd gone a ways, so I plucked it out and tried something else. Worked in the negative, left open space in heavy embroidery. That worked nicely. Bought a few new rayon embroidery threads from a local store. They were impossible to make French knots with, but really pretty otherwise. Some of the thread was my granmother's originally, so there will be 3 generaltions represented for my granddaughter
dkaym asked:
Well I'm a few year shy of 60 so does that count for a 6 year old? I LOVE THIS, its so full of energy, and color. I think you did a great job. I vote with your grand daughter, it so COOL!
Kathy Riggs answered:
Thank you
MJaneO asked:
Hi Kathy, Im a potter. A couple of years ago I made a piece that I had experimented on combining and layering glazes. When it came out of the kiln I was not happy with it at all. I took a picture of it anyway. I packed it away to put in a seconds sale. I was recently going through pictures of my work and came across the picture of that piece. When I looked at it I thought you know that's actually quite a nice piece,. I really liked it. I can't remember if it sold at my seconds sale. If I still have It I will be a happy girl. Sometimes it helps to step away from a piece for a while. The next time you look at it you will be looking with fresh eyes. I love the colours in it and the movement . Mary Jane ON Canada
Kathy Riggs answered:
Thank you. I will put it in Katje's room on the wall, away from me, except for brief visits. BTW, does Canada still post highway signs for its crafts people. Noticed them last year in BC, but most looked faded. Wonderful idea.
Pam Sews asked:
uh...is the photo way better than the object or something?? Because if not, I feel insulted :-) ...because I love the vibe! It's less flowing and graceful, more architectural and geometric and very powerful. Your granddaughter must be very cool. And you did a great, fun job.
Kathy Riggs answered:
The color is better than the pic. I changed my camera settings back to natural light. It keeps getting squished in my pocket. I'm getting over being annoyed with this piece. And, Katje's pretty cool, but I'm gramma, predjudiced that way.
TerriLaycock asked:
I love it :) It really pops :)
Kathy Riggs answered:
Thank you

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