SIX Quilts for Christmas

Project Description

What are you most proud of? WOW - 6 quilts in 4-1/2 months!! I learned several things. The quilt pattern is called 'Tossed Nine Patch' from 'Quilt in a Day'. And because you put 9 whole blocks together and then cut them up into 4 blocks - you don't know the alignment of the square once it is pieced together as a quilt - SOOO I did my MACHINE EMBROIDERY after the top was pieced together. What I learned there was -to spray starch the block (3x) you are about to ME onto. (In some quilts I placed the design where each could be viewed from a different angle, but as I progressed along, I felt 'one-way' looked best.) I also LEARNED how to completely finish the Binding by Machine! (It was a 'time' factor :-) ) And I am VERY Proud of the results - and don't think I will EVER hand finish a binding by hand again!! :-) What advice would you give someone starting this project? Have FUN with your projects!

What you will need

  • This is the size that I call a 'Lifetime Quilt'. (50x70) It is my Favorite size to make
  • and I personally use this size all the time
  • throughout the year. The idea of the 'Lifetime Quilt' came to me many years ago when I got a phone call - but 13 years before that. . . .
  • I had a brother & sister in a Sunday School class that I taught
  • and they also had a little sister; their (unmarried) Mother then had a little baby boy and I wanted to do something for him
  • so I made him a Baby Quilt. Then 13 years later I received a phone call from a lady
  • telling me that a young boy wanted to meet me. You see
  • he had been in and out of foster homes and detention centers most of his life - and the ONLY thing that went with him throughout all those years
  • was his 'quilt'. (I guess I had put a label on it
  • like I always do
  • and that is how they 'found' me.) After a few minutes of thought
  • I told the lady 'No
  • I don't want him to attach the 'love he felt with that quilt' to a 'person' - but rather to God." After hanging up
  • I found myself wishing that I had made the quilt a bit bigger
  • so he could still be using it. And that is how this size quilt became my 'Lifetime' Quilt size; one that can be used throughout all the years of one's life.

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