Simple Charity Quilt Top

Project Description

What was your inspiration? The inspiration was trying to get some of these fabrics out of my house. I'd never have bought that watermelon print for a quilt, for example, but I felt obligated to get rid of it in some useful way. I didn't think these fabrics were worth a lot of time on a more complicated design, so just planned to make all plain borders around that watermelon print. Someone in a refugee center somewhere would probably be happy to make use of it even if it wasn't quite up to MY standard. But plain borders just seemed too boring so I finally added one simple pieced one, which I think made for a little more interest.

What you will need

  • cotton fabrics - largely what I considered "the bottom of the barrel" donated fabrics that had been given to me 10-15 years ago and I'm trying to finally get out of my house.

Q&A with AllThatPatchwor

Shoestring asked:
Only you could make the bottom of the heap look like top of the line. This is a fun art piece. My favorite fruit is watermelon--got any more hunks of the watermelon fabric? I love it.
AllThatPatchwor answered:
LOL. No, none left. I deliberately used up every last square inch of it so I woouldn't have to see it again. That's why I had to make additional side borders of a fabric that didn't go on the top and bottom. Ordinarily if I do a central panel I make it in the same proportions as what I need for my final size.