Project Description

What are you most proud of? Getting it done and quilting it. Silk shreds easily. Taking the time to interface each and every piece of silk reclaimed from the ties (including the tiny backside solid colors) made it possible to be precise in lining things up. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Have your head examined first. The process of reclaiming the silk from the ties, washing and ironing it, then interfacing every single piece, then foundation piecing it, took forever. I love the results, and since I interfaced all the tie silk, I have enough to make another quilt with the ramaining ties of other colors. It took me a year to make this one. It will probably only take a few months to make the next one since the silk has already been reclaimed and interfaced.

What you will need

  • This tie was made from designer silk ties that my son wore his first ten years as a banker. The dark solid areas are from the tie backs and the patterned sections are from the tie fronts.

Q&A with TerryChase

mundys2we782958 asked:
this quilt is so beauiful, I have two boxws of neck ties now I have something ro do with them other than a dimention bow-tie qui;t.
TerryChase answered:
Thank you. You might want to experiment with a few of the ties first.
Julieannabell asked:
Hi Terry, Thank you for sharing your ideas and guidelines regarding silk ties. I have been collecting a few ties from my local red cross store with the hope of making a silk tie quilt somewhere in the future. I have added your project to my page so that I don't lose your information. As I was scanning through the main projects page your quilt immediately caught my eye. Your arrangment of colours and tones and brilliant. I think its lovely. Thank you for all your valuable information and the time it took to write it all down. A new friend in quilting Julieannabell.
TerryChase answered:
Thank you very much for your kind comments. Feel free to contact me if you need ant further pointers on the ties.