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Project Description

What are you most proud of? It turned out better than I anticipated. It was fun, too, I didn't think I was going to enjoy this type of quilting and I did. Then again, what's not to like about any aspect of quilting? ;-) What advice would you give someone starting this project? I used a pink clay pencil type marker and the marks didn't come out with brushing. So I had to wash it, which took away a lot of the luster and pouf of the silk. It looked a lot better before washing, so I'm disappointed about that. But had to get rid of the marks, of course. So if I did another using silk dupionni I'd figure a marking tool that didn't require washing the finished pieced to remove marks. Also, I would not recommend picking out scribble stitches in the middle of your project, it requires a lot of experience to handle that stretched-out and puckered fabric and get it back together.

What you will need

  • Silk dupionni top; cotton backing and batting; silk and acrylic and Bottom Line threads

Q&A with mckennalinn

Cindy Needham asked:
You seriously picked out the scribbling??? Oh my...I feel your pain but I love how it turned out! Love the triple lines in the background too...good job! :)
mckennalinn answered:
Yes, you were absolutely right about not picking out scribble stitching. Never again!
Cindy Needham asked:
When I do wash my Dupioni silk it does lose the sheen...I like this effect when I am pairing it with my old linens as it matches better. I've done several pieces where I've washed and blocked it later and the sheen remained. It seems that hot water/hot dryer are key elements in removing the shine. If you used wool batting and your quilt loses it's puff just steam it with your iron and it will re-puff up. :)
mckennalinn answered:
I actually like the look of having washed it, if I were going for an antique look. I wasn't, which is why I was disappointed. But it's good in another way. I can definitely see it paired with old linens. I did use cold water and low heat in the dryer. But cotton batting, so it didn't fluff after steaming. I've been wanting to try wool batting, just didn't want to mess with the care issues. What brand do you use that doesn't require picky care?
Thread Head asked:
Your piece is incredible! The variegated thread is a really nice detail. You mentioned in another comment about wool batting - I use Hobbs wool batting all the time and it is wonderful. Keeps its puff, easy to machine quilt (even with a king size quilt on a DSM), and doesn't shrink when washed (although I did accidentally "cook" a quilt in the dryer and it shrank a bit, but still less than cotton does).
mckennalinn answered:
I've replied to this half a dozen times, it never "takes" for some unknown reason. Apologies if six replies show up one of these days :-)
Sherri Rene asked:
Really beautiful- makes me want to try this class great job
mckennalinn answered:
Thanks, I highly recommend the class and the teacher. Cindy knows her stuff, and she's both patient and funny. Every time I look at my little sample I think of her comment in class that "I quilt the snot out of my quilts" and laugh.
Reetzbobeetz asked:
Great job! I never would have unpicked the scribbling so well done for persevering. It's lovely.
mckennalinn answered:
Thanks! I added a photo of the quilt in progress, with the variegated thread as background scribble-stitching. You can see, too, how much more sheen and pouf there was to the piece before washing. Not necessarily "good" or "bad" in the absolute, just different effects, good information.

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