Silk Flowers

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I am so happy with how it turned out. I had to be patient while I was making decisions. What advice would you give someone starting this project? I didn't plan this project out. I pieced the background because I wanted to try a multi-fabric background. I free cut the fabric for the grass-like spikes. I did each step and stopped when I thought it was time to stop. It was an improvisation all the way, and the only advice I could give to anyone is to just try it out. Stupendous Stitches gives you a format for part of the project so you can figure out what the next step ought to be.

What you will need

  • Silk ribbon
  • variegated threads
  • thick couching threads
  • pearl cotton.

Q&A with Starling425

Judy Salb asked:
This is STUPENDOUS. I am so inspired now to apply this new technique to my landscape work
Starling425 answered:
Judy, YES, that is what I was trying to do. I don't do landscapes at this point, but I plan on trying it.
HappyGenny asked:
What Judy said, "STUPENDOUS" is exactly right. You have a wonderful eye for colour, texture and light. Seriously, it's wonderful! The images really pop, and the colours are lively without being in the least jarring. They're nice compliments, too, which makes it click even more. FAB work! Congrats.
Starling425 answered:
Thank you so much for the detailed review.
HappyGenny asked:
You know, I've been looking at this piece for a while now (t's worth coming back to), and I only just realized one of the things I love best about it: You made an inspired choice using the green with a lacy overlay for some of the fronds. We tend to want to use fully saturated colours, but these are not, which gives the piece a depth and invokes a true feeling of sunlight that is major part of its magic. The holes in the lace pattern, when combined with the dots in the background, also contribute to this feeling of 'meadow-ness" (not a word, I know). They are evocative of the way light dapples in ever shifting patterns on leaves. Given that your flowers are rather butterfly like, there is a sense of irrepressible life within the piece.
Starling425 answered:
I was trying to invoke a meadow. Thank you for telling me that I succeeded.
pdfrench853060 asked:
This is really wonderful!
Starling425 answered:
Thank you.

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