Sewing Table Makeover (Drop it Low!)

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I am so proud of this! There were a few minor hiccups but it came out pretty perfect! If anyone wants to take it on, feel free to ask advice. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Plan ahead! Allow access to all your cords, knobs, switches, knee lifter, etc. Think it all through before cutting.

What you will need

  • Very hardcore power tools
  • a few hardware items and a lot of muscle! ;)

Q&A with Renee C

@threegreenbananas asked:
You are very brave! Thank you for sharing your new set-up. Enjoy.
Renee C answered:
Thanks! I had to share with people who would appreciate it. My husband says, "Good job!" But he really doesn't get it ;)
Sharon M. asked:
Great job! And with the acrylic piece laying on top, you have a smooth service too! Did you secure it to your table top and figure its dimensions into your plans?
Renee C answered:
Thanks for the praise! It is not secured to the table. You can remove it so you can easily take the machine out if you need to. I made sure that the height of the shelf left the machine sitting about 1/4" above the surface so the acrylic top could fit into its normal place on the machine. I saw that someone else did that in one of the projects that I researched and it worked perfectly.
Pamillia asked:
Renee C, BRAVO ... You rock. Wonderful job & very impressive. I really like your little helper, Wish that I still had one. Thank you for sharing. :-)
Renee C answered:
Thanks so much!