Selvage Scrappy Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That is my first "green" quilt What advice would you give someone starting this project? It is extremely easy. Just make sure to cut off enough so you can see what the fabric was (at least one inch but can be as thick as you want). My mother had a bunch of old fabric that she just didn't want anymore so that was a big help and I made those ones real thick.

What you will need

  • scraps that everyone usually cuts off and throws away (the Selvage edge)

Q&A with Jodie Camillo

Cut Sew n Go asked:
Love this idea....selvedges cost nothing...:)
Jodie Camillo answered:
thanks! and if you can get your friends to save theirs for you, you'll have enough in no time!
Ado_Annie asked:
I'd been told that selveges were difficult to quilt because of the very tight weave. Did you have any problems with quilting this?
Jodie Camillo answered:
yes!! it is tough like jeans... my quilter was not too happy....