Created by: Margaret Chicka

Sea Glass ala MC

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Margaret Chicka made Sea Glass ala MC with:

Sea Glass BABY Quilt

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Sea Glass BABY Quilt

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  • I loved the materials used in the original pattern so much
  • that I used all of the ones I could find to purchase. The center petal fabric was the only one that I couldn't get my hands on and had to substitute for something different.

Q&A with Margaret Chicka

Talk of the Town asked:
It looks so great and the center fabric adds a nice pop. Who doesn't love a good polka dot?
Margaret Chicka answered:
Thanks so much! And thank you again for such a beautiful pattern. It's so lovely. I hope you keep creating more!
Cynthia35769 asked:
This is a beautiful quilt. The detail is beautiful.. What fabric line did you use?
Margaret Chicka answered:
Thank you! For fabric selection, I followed her recommendations in the pattern, and they are all from different designers. The only fabric she listed that I couldn't find was the center petal fabric. I took the other fabrics into my local quilt shop and found a substitute that I liked. I bought enough of each fabric to make another quilt, so when I find some spare time I'm planning to make another one!
Megan Byrne, Poet's Corner Quilts asked:
Gorgeous quilt! Great choice of colours, the substitute centre is an inspiration! Love the way you carried the pattern into the quilting.
Margaret Chicka answered:
Thank you so much! I think the quilting in the negative space really adds alot. It was a fun project!
arlenemon2602774 asked:
Is this a hand applique or machine appliqued quilt?
Margaret Chicka answered:
Sooo, each petal was stitched to the quilt top by machine using a blanket stitch (which got tricky at the pointed ends, but was doable). Then the quilting around each petal was stitched by hand. As I recall, the pattern had you sew the petals on through all the layers after you basted your quilt sandwich together. I decided to sew only through the quilt top for ease and it turned out beautifully on the quilt back with just the quilting around each petal.


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Get your first class for only $14.99