School Colors #2

Project Description

What are you most proud of? When I made the quilt for my grandson I ran short of fabric and wound up making a pieced back. Since his quilt had a fancier back, I felt that it was only right that I should do the same on the one for his sister. The idea for hearts was so fitting to my sweet, girly girl. I'm making progress on the FMQ as well - slowly but surely, and best of all, my two quilts are finished with time to spare. I am a happy grandma! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Ideas come from everywhere! Don't be afraid to experiment and improvise to make a project your own. And start early!!

Q&A with K Lee 2Strings

gmhnQuilts asked:
omgosh! I love the hearts on the back
K Lee 2Strings answered:
Thank you! I thought they turned out well.
sewbug57 asked:
Great job !!! I LOVE the colors too !! Awesome !
K Lee 2Strings answered:
Thank you. It's just such a relief to be done with my big projects and have time to focus on other holiday preparations.
Gee mom, really and truly, you masterized your FMQ, It is great, but that back it's simply adorable with those hearts. So what lucky grankids you have there.
K Lee 2Strings answered:
Oh, thank you. So sweet, but the FMQ is a long, long way from being mastered. I hope the teenagers will be pleased, but they are such sweethearts and they truly do appreciate whatever we do for them.
patz in suffolk asked:
What a truly lovely quilt! The colours are great, the FMQ is masterly and I love the way the red looks as though it's been threaded through black and grey "buckles"! Oh yes - and the back is terrif too! Your granddaughter is going to absolutely adore it!
K Lee 2Strings answered:
Thank you! I do appreciate all the sweet things you've said, but the FMQ is still very much in the learning stages. I'm seeing progress, but still need to keep plugging away and practicing.
Nana Jo 54 asked:
I love it!
K Lee 2Strings answered:
Thank you! Fingers crossed that the grandkiddos will feel the same!