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Silkins made sample finishing techniques with:

Finishing School: Edges & Bindings

Online Class

Finishing School: Edges & Bindings

with Mimi Dietrich

  • As I didn't have any projects near completion I just made a few samples as couldn't wait to try out the techniques covered in class.

Q&A with Silkins

innerwave asked:
Aren't the prairie point not the one "contiuous"? How did you do that, I wonder ... Thanks for sharing
Silkins answered:
I did 2 colours of continuous by sewing a pink and purple strip together (normal width of strip divided by 2 plus 1/4" seam allowance to each) before I cut and folded each side into points. The seam between the two fabrics ends up where the fold would be if only using the one fabric and that seam allowance is easily hidden when you sew the strip in as that extra 1/4" width just gets buried inside the quilt (don't fold the 2 sides so the seam allowance is inside the points). Next time I will fold them alternatively so they are interlinked not one colour in front and one behind. After that I then added a 60 degree triangle (sewn on two sides then turned right side out) in the corner as hated that straight across look.