Sailboat baby quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I am happy with the way the quilt turned out. What advice would you give someone starting this project? This quilt block pattern is not the easiet one to do. You have to make very sure that your points come out nice on the sails. I cut my pieces with a rotory cutter but I am not sure I would do that again. I seen to be more accurate when I cut my pieces the old fashioned way.

What you will need

  • Cotton prints
  • plain fabric background. cotton batting
  • and bleached muslin for backing.

Q&A with Sue Neri

Bonnie Wilson asked:
Cute quilt. The hand quilting makes it special.
Sue Neri answered:
Thank you. I love to hand quilted. I never machine quilted any of my quilts. I think machine quilting is amazing. I like the traditional patterns so I learned to hand quilt.
sewbug57 asked:
I made one similar to this for my grand children and it sure comes in handy when they come over for a visit. I have two grand sons ages 16 mos and 9 mos. and they put it to good use. Worth every stitch.
Sue Neri answered:
Grand children are the most wonderful things in my life. My olderst is 13 and my youngest is 4 months. Thank you for your comments.
sewbug57 asked:
Did you also make the quilt you have your baby quilt lying on ? It is beautiful too from what I can see of it.
Sue Neri answered:
No I didn't make that quilt. It was a gift. It is hand quilted. I don't do any thing that hard.