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rubber bands tomato

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The Art of Cloth Dyeing

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The Art of Cloth Dyeing

with Jane Dunnewold

Q&A with Maryann

everlastindaisy asked:
Thanks for the manipulation photo.I have not put on such large bands before so now I will try that.
Maryann answered:
Super! Thanks for letting me know. I am looking forward to seeing what you do.
Jane Dunnewold asked:
THis is such a pretty color - is it my tomato recipe or one you created?
Maryann answered:
This is your tomato recipe (one part Boysenberry 802, one part Golden Yellow 104). Apparently I did not shake it well enough as some of the Boysenberry came out on to the fabric in undissolved spots. So this color may appear a little more yellow than a well-shaken mix. However, Michelle and I did create a mix we call Heirloom Tomato which is one part Sun Yellow and one part Mixing Red. You can see this color in the first two projects I posted: an accordion fold and a scrunch.