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Rolling Prairie-100% on my small machine

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  • Quilt name Rolling Prairie designed by Mabeth Oxenreider Illustrated in Better Homes & Garden American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine August 2011 issue Quilt made in 2012 and its size is 86 x 91 This was my Big Project on a Small Machine. This quilt had the choice of 63 to 116 different prints and colors. I ended up going with 84 though. Before purchasing the fabric
  • I called ahead to the quilt shop to warn them and to make sure they would be able to assist me in this large order of patterns and colors. My intensions were to go with the 116 but it became too crazy trying to find and decide on all the combinations. I needed 116 different fabrics to get a 2 x 42 strip out of it. Exhausting! I left the shop brain dead. The quilting was all done on my regular Singer sewing machine. This was my 1st attempt and I think it was a success.

Q&A with Sarawolferoland

angelfairy asked:
What an amazing quilt.. I can't believe this was done on your home machine. Did you know how to free motion quilt before taking this class? What was the hardest part in quilting on your machine? I am making a full size quilt for my granddaughter but notihing as hard as yours. Thank you for sharing you beautiful work of art with us and giving us all encouragement.. Congratulations on all you have accomplished!!!
Sarawolferoland answered:
I have a Pennicle frame and carriage along with a Janome Pro quilter machine which I have used up to now. But never used my singer in free motion before until taking the course. I had tried a couple of times but couldn't figure out how to do it and control the motion. Basically afraid of it on that setting. The course gave me some confidence to try it again. There was a lot of practice tho. Before starting on this quilt. The only thing I would have done different was not use the invisible thread. It's too stiff and if I had a break in thread there is a pokey spot in the quilt. The thread is not soft like I like it to be. But I started it with it so I had to finish it that way. I wasn't going to pull it all out and start over. But that's me...I'm told by my kids, im too critical on my own work. Thanks for the compliments.
rhubarb asked:
did this quilt take 116 different fabrics? My sister sewed the top for one that reminds me of yours. What a complicated set of directions. Good for you.
Sarawolferoland answered:
Yes it had an option of 64 to 116 colors or patterns. I wanted to go with the 116 but I was afraid the quilt store persona
jnanda asked:
Beautiful quilt! I can't tell from the pictures, did you quilt in the ditch first in the borders and then do free motion stitching in the center and borders? Did you do any straight stitching in the center? I'm wondering if you did all free motion in the center, did you have any trouble with tucks while you were quilting?
Sarawolferoland answered:
The only stitching in the ditch was around the boarders to hold it in place. Then I ran a curved line diagonally accross the center, breaking it down first in half, then in quarters, then eighths and so on. From there I free motioned the feathers in between those curved lines, every other section. In the ones that I did not do feathers, I sewed a straight line but diagonal accross each intersecting square. The boarder was also all free motion. And no, I was lucky that I did not have any tucks, but I was double checking the whole time. The only thing I would probably do is, I would not have used the clear thread. Anytime there was a break there is a Pokey. The quilt is not as soft as I like them.

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