Rebecca Posing

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I am not happy with the background and am open to suggestions on how to improve it.

What you will need

  • Photo cotton fabric Prismacolor pencils

Q&A with DesiHorse1

Lola Jenkins asked:
I would do some more stitching. Probably make it pretty thicken. More hatching and cross hatching would really enhance it.
DesiHorse1 answered:
Thank you. I am always afraid to do too much but it needs more. I also want to try and get rid of those points where I came in and turned. If worse comes to worse, I will trim it down to a narrow border. I already took a couple inches off. Nice thin about this, who knows we didn't plan it this way?
rkcreations asked:
I love this. I hope you post another picture when you're satisfied with it.
DesiHorse1 answered:
I will take a picture of it this morning. I am going to start one of another granddaughter this morning. Thanks again. Lola for teaching us such a fun, easy technique.
rosalie asked:
You must be very happy with the outcome
DesiHorse1 answered:
I liked it pretty well.

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