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Q&A with Joke Lady

Joke Lady asked:
This is a finished project of mine that was pattern-free, spontaneous and easily embellished. The process is called double cutting, or cutting two identical fabric rectangles s at the same time with free-hand vertical cuts. By separating the layers and reassembling them, you create two new blocks. I added a piece of ribbon along the seam in each block, after they were assembled but before they were sewn together. I used a decorative stitch to accent the ribbons that add a shimmering effect. Each block was quilted with free-motion quilting. This was actually fun to make and satisfied my need for self-expression with laboring over it for months.
Joke Lady answered:
Yes, thanks Grand2sew for your comment. I did mean, "without laboring over it". What a surprise that someone actually read my comment.
J_Staff asked:
I like the way you created a rule and went with it
Joke Lady answered:
Thanks for your comment.The basic process can be easily altered. You can use three fabrics instead of two. Or make one, two or three cuts through the layers. I varied it a little bit. Even though I said "free-hand", I always made the cuts with the ruler and rotary cutter. The straight lines are what makes it easy to assemble.


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Get your first class for only $14.99