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Rainbow Zig Zag Quilt

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Quick-Strip Paper Piecing

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Quick-Strip Paper Piecing

with Peggy Martin

  • Since this really isn't my style of quilt pattern I had my teenage granddaughter do the fabric selection for me as I saw "teenager" written all over this quilt. Thank heaven I've gotten in the practice of washing my quilt tops before I batt and back them as several of the blocks disentagrated on me when I washed it so the quilting is not at all what I planned to do. I was going to do an overall zig zag pattern
  • but instead went to the reliable stich in the ditch. On those blocks that pulled apart
  • after re-sewing them

Q&A with JanJo

Cat Sultan asked:
I really love how you used the zig zag blocks! I am puzzled rhough why you would wash an unquilted quilt top. If I were you, I would prewash fabrics first, or not wash till the whole quilt is put together. Those 1/4" seams are too tiny and fragile to go through the wash exposed,
JanJo answered:
I've gotten in the habit of washing before I quilt because I've had quilts come apart after they're quilted on more than one occasion, and then the repairs are much harder if not impossible to make. I don't prewash because I want the regididy of the sizing in my fabrics when I cut to help avoid stretching, and if the fabric looks like its going to ravel when I even the edges prior to cutting, I cut with a pinking blade in my rotary cutter.

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