Rainbow IV

You Can Make This

QuiltDude made Rainbow IV with:

  • Cotton top and backing
  • polyester batting
  • variegated tri-lobal poly thread

Q&A with QuiltDude

QuiltDude asked:
It's finally finished! This quilt was inspired by so many people and classes here on Craftsy. Super gentle curves - my 2nd go at them. It was easier and less scary this time. LOL. I also found renewed inspiration in my stash. Another scrappy stash buster, done! I really like how the variegated thread pops on the black background. KimMotion Filler, Swirls and Feathers, oh my! I'm liking it more now that I've stepped back, and my nose isn't 7 inches from the quilt as I work it through my sewing machine.
QuiltDude answered:
Hi NellyJane. The geometric shapes were made by me, freehand. I FMQ'd them on my quilt. For inspiration I used the KimMotion filler that Kimmy Brunner teaches in her Craftsy class, Machine Quilting with Templates. Once you get the hang of it, it's easy to do and lots of fun!
Ladymax asked:
This is absolutely fabulous. I love not only the quilting but the stash busting. I have finally figured out my machine and I am practicing, practicing, practicing. Thanks for sharing and being my inspiration.
QuiltDude answered:
You are welcome! :-) :-) :-) And thank you for checking out (and liking) my work.
innerwave asked:
WOW! This one Looks great. I love the mathematical forms with that rainbow colored thread. As allways - you've done a great Job here! It reminds me on a prism glas. Thanks for sharing - I'm already looking forward to see your next Project :-)
QuiltDude answered:
You are too kind, Innerweave. Thanks.
Wazoo Sue asked:
Dude! This is awesome. The quilting motifs are perfect for the other-world design. Great quilt.
QuiltDude answered:
Thanks, Sue. The Kim Motion filler was the starting point, it grew from there to this monster. LOL I do think it looks like space a bit, with the geometric shapes just floating around. The curvy rainbow path was for a pop of color, and honestly, stash-busting. I didn't even make a dent. :-) :-)
Beth245 asked:
QuiltDude you are an inspiration - love the variegated thread and the geometric shapes - maybe there might be hope for me in a future life. Cannot wait to check out more of your work.
QuiltDude answered:
Thank you, Beth245. This quilt is a little bit "out there" but I think that's why I like it. I joke about naming this one "Intergalactic River of Pride in Space" Just makes you do a double take. LOL Thanks for checking out my work. :-) :-) :-)