Created by: Huimin.Gong

Quilting Tools Vase

You Can Make This

Huimin.Gong made Quilting Tools Vase with:

Stupendous Stitching

Online Class

Stupendous Stitching

with Carol Ann Waugh

  • Print fabric
  • various threads
  • rat tail Stablizer

Q&A with Huimin.Gong

fionaz asked:
now that is pure inspiration and very useful
Huimin.Gong answered:
Yes I prefer something functional :-)
JSewy asked:
Very nice! Did you use a pattern for the vase?
Huimin.Gong answered:
The shape is quite simple and no pattern needed. The diameter of the round bottom is 15cm. So is the height, this means the side is 15*47cm big. For the surface decor the Stupendous Stitch tech was used.
Carol Ann Waugh asked:
Nice idea! Love your lettering!
Huimin.Gong answered:
Thank you. The Fond comes with the machine :-)

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