Created by: eepsers

Quilting on purse

You Can Make This

eepsers made Quilting on purse with:

Design It, Quilt It: Free-Form Techniques

Online Class

Design It, Quilt It: Free-Form Techniques

with Cindy Needham

Q&A with eepsers

Cindy Needham asked:
How cool is this???!!! Very nice! Love the texture and especially love the layered blocks with the meandering underneath. :)
eepsers answered:
Thank you, Cindy! I figured out how to do better cathedral windows by starting on a larger grid, and sewing the grid first, not just marking. I think that helped me a lot. No more too fat windows!
Gretchalina asked:
I really like this! What a good use of a sample.
eepsers answered:
Thanks, Gretchalina! I often start something for practice and then figure out how to make it into something useful. I used techniques from Stupendous Stitching and Design It, Quilt It in this project.