Quilt for my Mom

Project Description

What was your inspiration? After making the christmas star quilt, I decided I wanted to make a quilt for my Mom and took my inspiration from the christmas quilt, only this time, I used the stars as the focal and muted the background. There is no pattern for this quilt. I just had an idea and made it work. I decided to scallop the border and being the first time doing that, I think it looks beautiful.

What you will need

  • Quilting fabric
  • scraps

Q&A with MrsEdwards

Deena asked:
Very nicely done. I've never done a scalloped border - and you said this was your first time, so how did you do it?
MrsEdwards answered:
Thank you.... I bought a scalloping template from the local fabric/craft store. Ya have to do a little math with it to figure out how many scallops in a particular size will fit the quilt, but once you got that, it's super easy. Draw your scallops using a pencil and then cut them out. The scalloping will automatically square off the quilt and its such a pretty detail to the quilt.. I hope you try it. It's really fun to do.
KElaine asked:
This is a very beautiful quilt, I too like to make up my own patterns sometimes what size is your block in this one??? Keep up the good work!!!
MrsEdwards answered:
Thank you so much. If I recall correctly, the blocks ended being 4 inch blocks. It amazes me that so many people love this quilt. It was only the 2nd one I did and I did it in less than a month. I am going to be starting 5 more quilts after the holidays and I will be posting them as I finish them.