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quick strip piecing project

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Quick-Strip Paper Piecing

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Quick-Strip Paper Piecing

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Q&A with Caraline2

Barbara Hughes asked:
Very interesting design. Very unique!! Lots of work. Nice job.
Caraline2 answered:
Thanks Barbara, one of a kind!!
Peggy Martin asked:
What a beautiful project!! I love how you arranged your New York Beauty blocks and added that 3-dimensional flower. It looks like you might have used wire (?) to shape the flower; so effective! Your quilting looks wonderful, too! This will make a beautiful table runner or wall hanging. Nice work!
Caraline2 answered:
Thank you, coming from you means a lot, Peggy. The flower, is firstly bonded on with heat and bond then machine stitched with satin stitch. then the top 'flower' is two pieces bonded together, then satin stitched around the petals. then where the flower centre is it is machine stitched on to anchor it. I can see how you would think I used wire, but no. To get the 3D look I had to pinch it and hope it stayed there long enough to get the pic, took a few goes to get it right.
Pamelyn asked:
So very pretty and interesting to look at! Nice design work.
Caraline2 answered:
thank you, Sorry for not replying, just seen your post

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