QR Code Quilt

Q&A with QuiltDude

QuiltDude asked:
Final take on Julia's Quilt - I posted the almost, almost finished quilt a few days ago. Here it is, Taa-Daaaah! I am so happy, the scan code works. Go ahead, scan it! I also used the embroidery letters on my Janome 7700 to dedicate the quilt to Julia. Full caption reads "To Julia, wonderful photographer, better friend and even greater human being" All of it is true. I tried to match the binding to the teal thread I used for the black areas and her logo. The thread issues are covered, so nobody is the wiser. I just need to give it a final wash and it is ready to be gifted to her. I'm so excited!
QuiltDude answered:
Ooops, caption reads, "awesome", not "wonderful". I don't know what I write/sew/embroider anymore. LOL
innerwave asked:
Very interesting and quite modern for a quilt! What says this code in words, sorry - I'm just so nosy! Happy Quilting
QuiltDude answered:
No problem, Innerwave.... when you scan the quilt it will take you to my friend's photography website. I think I'm cross-promoting her business on here, unintentionally, but I am quite happy this project turned out well for me. I literally spent blood, sweat and tears on this one! LOL
KellyKwilts asked:
This is awesome and it works!
QuiltDude answered:
Thanks, Kelly. I think it's cool. I'm still patting myself on the back over this one. I will be mailing it to my friend today, and can't wait for her to open the box when she get it.
maggiesc asked:
Wow! This is amazing!
QuiltDude answered:
Thank you, Maggie. :-) :-) :-)
Copper Top asked:
Oh, man. This is extremely cool!!! I LOVE QR codes. Now I have to find my phone and see where the code takes me. Very neat.
QuiltDude answered:
Thanks, KKM. Let me know if you get to where it's supposed to send you to - you'll know if it works or not. LOL