QAYG Tinker Tote

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I'm amazed that I could do this. It was not difficult, with Tara's detailed instructions. It took some time, but I thoroughly enjoyed the Quilt-as-you-go process! When it came time to bind the bag, I decided to finish it by hand.... I had not made my own bias-binding in years, so I did not want to risk making a mess by rushing through on my machine. I like the way it turned out. The back of my bag has some wonky quilting lines... it makes me smile to see them, because I did not plan to do it that way.... I have a new Juki machine, like the on used by the instructor in class... that thing is SO DARN FAST!! I could not control myself... I don't think I ever put it in full speed, but I was laughing defiantly as I saw my lines start to swerve... I wasn't about to slow it down, so I decided to go for it, and make the lines look intentionally wonky... This pattern is so forgiving for that sort of thing. I had a lot of fun testing out the capabilities of my new Juki. And no one was injured in the process, haha! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Watch the video, also be sure to print out the instructions that arre in the "Class Materials" and read them. This bag took several days. It took longer than I expected, because this is the first time I have attempted any type of bag, and there were several new (to me) techniques to become aquainted with. If I were to do another, without interuptions, and have all supplies handy, I could easily finish in a day or two. This bag was a great way to use up many tiny scraps of fabric. You can sew your small pieces into bigger patches, as needed, before adding them on. The magnetic snap was a snap to install! I had never imagined trying such a thing! I am grateful to Tara for teaching that little gem. Next time I will try the zippered pocket. This time I just went with the simple pocket for my phone, and made it a bit wider so that my sunglasses will also have a safe place.

Q&A with Di4N4

Darns asked:
Embrace wonky - it's fun! So glad to see some of that great kitty fabric reappearing! Looks great!
Di4N4 answered:
Hi Darns! I still have a few bits of that fun fabric... this was a good project for using scraps!
Tara Rebman asked:
It looks great! That little kitty makes me smile. Great job!
Di4N4 answered:
Thank you, Tara! I am signed up for a lot of Craftsy classes... Your's is at the top of my favorites!
desna asked:
Just finding this Di and how wonderful your bag looks and I love your little kitties so much. Will have to try this too.... so much I want to make and so little time argh!!!
Di4N4 answered:
Hi desna! So nice to hear from you! I have not been as connected as I used to be, on Craftsy... just now found your comment! Thank you! I hope you are doing well! I am hoping to get more sewing done, once we finish getting re-settled.

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