Project Description

What are you most proud of? This is my 1st non quilt pattern & I'm having fun with it! I'm so excited about my fabrics, it's funny someone said the fabrics work themselves out & it's true! I had a similar but at the same time very different pallet & this just formed! It's a gift & I feel like I've (hopefully) nailed her spirit! Tara, I am soooooo excited about this bag & class, thanks soooooo much!!! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Have fun & be willing to be spontaneous with the fabrics b/c something way better could surprise what you had planned! Oh & I didn't sweat the small stuff, some of my lines weren't in the right direction, so I just went with it or changed in the middle, which made that piece have 2 different directions & it looks cool! Oh & someone mentioned using charm packs & it reminded me I had the perfect 1 from Field Study that I was "saving" the "perfect" pattern - well this just happened to be it! So thanks for the suggestion!!

What you will need

  • Cottons
  • home dec fabrics

Q&A with Meredith K

Tara Rebman asked:
It's looking great! Love your quilting!
Meredith K answered:
Thanks so much! Can't wait to get the other panel done! :)
suedy asked:
I can't wait to see the finished bag. Looks great and I love your enthusiasm. I feel the same way about QAYG bags.
Meredith K answered:
Thanks so much Suedy! :) You made 2 of my favs! I love your purple weekender bag (fav colors!) & your reg. t.t. I'm working on the other panel now & can't wait to finish!
desna asked:
Love this bag, very inspiring thanks for putting this up. I have the class but as yet not had time to make one. Next on list!
Meredith K answered:
Thanks so much! I had so much fun making it & it was easier than I thought it was going to be! I had to break mine up into different time chunks, which was good b/c I was really focused during the limited times I had & just kept my lap top right there with me to review as I worked. You can easily break it up! :) Can't wait to see yours!