Created by: Richard Healey

Purple Hot Pads

You Can Make This

Richard Healey made Purple Hot Pads with:

  • Cotton Material
  • insul bright
  • cotton batting.

Q&A with Richard Healey

scooter41538259 asked:
Love the colours
Richard Healey answered:
Thanks. I love hot pads for using up all those left over scraps. They are great scrap busters.
judy3241291 asked:
Do you have pattern?
Richard Healey answered:
I do not have a pattern for them. But that would be a smart thing to add. For these hot pads I just sewed scraps left over together from other quilting projects tell I had material greater then 8 1/2 inches square. I then cut the new made fabric into 8 1/2 inch squares. I used 1 for top and one for bottom. I wanted these for hot pads and on most of my hot pads I have 2 layers of material in middle. One is a normal cotton batting the 2nd is a type of material called insulbrite. I pinned my 4 layers together, quilted them and then cut them square again (they wiggle when quilting such small items they never stay square) I then bind them. I will some time in the futre make a "Pattern" in more detail but that will give you a starting point. Email me if you would like more details.