Purple Flowers

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Finishing it! This one was hard for me, it had lots of little pieces and triangles. I learned a lot with this one.

Q&A with Rayna Nescher

diehlmari71131 asked:
Beautiful job! Are you a machine or hand quilter? I do all mine by hand, but am serously considering changing that. That would be because most of them take me 2 to 5 years to complete! Ridiculous, huh?
Rayna Nescher answered:
I hand quilted the one for my Mom, but the rest have been machine quilted. I met a lady here in my town that has a little shop behind her house and she quilts for other people. I know its a little cheating, but my machine just can't do it. My Mom's quilt took me years as well. it is very special though because I took so much time with it.