Progress Day 1

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I love free motion style quilting. It's creative and relaxing. I was going to do "ruler work" on this quilt, but perhaps changed my mind. We'll see. Its just first day on this quilt. First Row is Done! I took quite a lot of photos today, and if you don't mind I'll make another post "More First Day Photos," so you can see the improv squares--they turned cool. Thanks for checking in on me. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Every job has a beginning, a middle and a end. The "end" is always fun, but the beginning and middle are all about learning. I finished assembly of this quilt yesterday, and already I am thinking about my next two quilts. I'm a crazy person. Are you a crazy person too?

What you will need

  • Lake Blues and Greens cotton prints
  • with cotton ivory sashing and border. Queen Size Quilt

Q&A with Shoestring

K Lee 2Strings asked:
Oh, wow! Shoestring, your progress is simply mind-boggling! I've looked at all three postings about this quilt and I'm blown away at the fluidity in your transition from one form to another. It's like water in a small stream moving along now swiftly, now slowly, sliding around rocks and twigs, swirling in little eddies, tumbling over small falls, and singing a little burbling song as it goes. Makes me smile. :)
Shoestring answered:
Hi 2strings. Thanks for the beautiful words! As I read your words I saw the stream in my mind. You write so well. You're such a wonderful friend. Lov ya.
QuiltDude asked:
You are not alone, Shoestring - I'm a crazy person as well! I was working on TWO quilts simultaneously, but in my mind I was already figuring out the next two quilts to make. But this quilt is crazy, crazy good! I love the colors, and your quilting looks wonderful and complements the overall design of your pieced top. This is a beautiful quilt, and I would love to see more pics, especially of the full quilt once it's completely quilted. :-) :-) :-)
Shoestring answered:
Hi QuiltDude, you crazy dude. OMG, working on two quilt simultaneously? Have you finished them both? Would like to see them. Please tell us more.
RachieLee asked:
Oh my goodness you aren't alone in the crazy quilting department. I too am working on multiple projects at once and have 2 more that I'm planning fabric for. I love how you've done each block differently, and I can't wait to see your finished project. Excellent work and thanks for sharing it with us.
Shoestring answered:
Hi there RachieLee. Thanks for your note about my quilt. Where is the Crazy Quilting Department located? I'd like to sign up as a full time member. Ha. Ha.