Princess Rosebud

Project Description

What are you most proud of? It's not a bad likeness. ;) The fabric was a piece gifted to me by my sister, so very special to me. I wanted to also highlight that, so decided to outline and color in the roses (a favorite subject of mine) as well. They are a little distracting, but the piece as a whole pleases me. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Just follow Lola's great instructions. Step 1, then step 2 ... and keep going until you decide you're done! There are no mistakes -- you can correct and improve lots of things with colored pencils -- who knew?

What you will need

  • Cotton fabric and thread
  • iron-on stabilizer and batting
  • colored pencil

Q&A with patticole

mommaJOY asked:
Bind it!! That princess has to fly! ;0)
patticole answered:
Thanks! ...check one decision off my list today! :)
Lola Jenkins asked:
This Thread Art piece is amazing. Absolutely amazing. I just love it ...love it....love it. Wowwwwwwwwwww. and Wowwwww again. My hat is off to you!!!! Did I tell you that it has the WOW factor? No I did not so here it is again. WOW!
patticole answered:
LOL! Lola! You flatter me. Thank you for your kind words. Now, for the second piece in this series... ;)
Lola Jenkins asked:
patticole would you please post this on my fb page.
patticole answered:
Yep. I'll do it right now -- see ya over there!
Christinehuxter asked:
Wow I love this and funnily Princess Rosebud is what my Mum used to call my daughter
patticole answered:
Aww. It is an honored title, for sure!
lteel1950@gmail.com asked:
Really great picture! I agree with you about the layering as well. I'm also using a very faint batik for some of mine and that adds lots of depth. Great job on this!
patticole answered:
I was looking for a batik and came across this pink rose piece that jumped into my hands! I think sometimes the project chooses itself when you start out!

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