Prince II Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? This quilt is almost 100 inches by 100 inches - that's pretty darn big to FMQ on my DSM. The letters turned out fairly straight and even in the end, though I was super critical when I was working on them. Yes, I had to draw guide lines to keep me true - the whole quilt had lines 1/2 inch apart. That was a LOT of lines to draw. The big paisley in the middle is not perfect, but hey, I like it anyway. I am thinking I should throw a party to show off this quilt to my several other Prince freak friends. Play a name the song game, by taking turns tossing a bean bag at the quilt on the [very clean] floor and the player has to sing the lyrics the bag falls on, and say which Song, and Album it came from.... separate the real Prince fans from the posers! LOL What advice would you give someone starting this project? This was a labor of love - it tested my patience because I had to be very deliberate when "writing" the words on the quilt. That translates to, I went slowly, so it took a long time. And I won't even tell you how many mispellings, and wonky letters I had to unstitch and re-sew... And the thread breaks and shredding made me want to cry sometimes and pull out my hair, if I had any. This project will give you lots of practice in controlling your hand movements, and guessing how much space you have left to fit your design in, and how big to make your design - in my case, the "design" was the sentences I was quilting out. It did take patience, so if I didn't have it at first I definitely learned it in the process!

What you will need

  • Cotton quilting fabric for top and backing
  • Hobbs Thermore Ultra thin poly batting
  • and various colored
  • variegated tri-lobal poly threads.

Q&A with QuiltDude

TanjaH asked:
OMG, this is the best quilt EVER! If I had the room, and patience, I would add this to my Prince collection. Great job!
QuiltDude answered:
Thank you :-) :-) :-)
Darns asked:
Crazy good! Crazy because I can't believe you FMQ'd all those lyrics! What a huge job!
QuiltDude answered:
Thanks! Yeah, it did take a while, but I knew it would, so I just bit the bullet, was patient, worked on it whenever I could and didn't give myself a deadline. I did find myelf sort of rushing when I only had about "that much" space to cover and I'd be done. Like the final sprint when you see the finish line in a marathon.
a1angiem asked:
Oh, Darns, I was going to write 'this is CRAZY! CRAZY GOOD!' but you wrote it...ok then... Dude: This is r-I-d-I-c-u-l-o-u-s!!!!! Ridiculously good. Oh my G...I cannot believe you fmq all those lyrics! And I KNEW you were doing it?!?!?! When I saw the photo I thought...Oh, he WROTE them on. But I can see those gorgeous stitches in the close ups. Wow. Spectacular. What a labor of love is WRITE! (LOL, get it?) It's beautiful and a treasure. I ADORE the back! Now there'd better be a quilt label on there young man! Anyway, I bet your fmq is a breeze now. I can't write fmq at all so I am very, very, very impressed! Great job!
QuiltDude answered:
Angie, Angie, Angie.... first, THANK YOU for that "young man" bit. I sure have you fooled. Ha. And no, no label, but that is an excellent idea. And FMQ writing is not that hard, but like anything, it takes a bit of practice to get the hang of it. And yes, I did FMQ All. Those. Lyrics. All. Of. Them. You are the second person that has mentioned they thought I just wrote them on the fabric. I will take that as a compliment! And if I can do it, I am sure anybody can. It just takes a bit of stubborness... err, I mean, patience and tenacity. LOL
NanaJeanFL asked:
Man Dude! You are one persistent perfectionist and it really shows in this spectacular quilt!. I agree with alangiem - put "your" label on it Dude!! You should write up a bio on its creation and share it with Prince himself. I say share because I'm sure you can never part with it. You've inspired me again to get going with FMQ. Fantastic work!!
QuiltDude answered:
Thanks! I am getting such nice, high praise for this I feel like being presumptuous enough to maybe enter it into a contest, or a show! I better get to work on a label. Thanks again for your kind wods and yes, I would be hard pressed to part with this quilt even if Prince himself were to say he wanted it. :-) :-) :-)
Shoestring asked:
Hello Quilt Dude. This is an awesome quilt. I admire your work and your patience. Congratulations.
QuiltDude answered:
Thank you shoestring. I just took it one verse at a time, purposely did not count days/hours/time, and the quilt was done before I knew it.