Project Description

What are you most proud of? I am proud, that I can do it. I know still I have to do many practise, because my stiching are not same, not perfect. But I very enjoy to do it. And I am very proud for me that I can do follow Ciny instructions, I am a Hungarian quilter and my English is not too good. Cindy speaking is slow in the class, therefore I understand her. ( I hope) In moment I am very happy. Thank you so much Cindy! What advice would you give someone starting this project? You not affraid try to make a wholecloth quilt. It is so great feeling, when you try and see wow I can do this. Let's start , you try!

What you will need

  • cotton/polyester fabric and polyester thead

Q&A with Anna Csurke

messyrose asked:
I love it.
Anna Csurke answered:
I am happy that you love my quilting job.
Phenebock asked:
I think you did beautiful work. It looks really good.
Anna Csurke answered:
Thank you so much. I am happy.
MomsFun asked:
Nice! I wish I was that good
Anna Csurke answered:
Thank you.
Cindy Needham asked:
Your work is stunning! I LOVE what you have done...thank you so much for inspiring all of us. Hungary? Wow...a Cindy seed is growing in Hungary. Big Hugs :)
Anna Csurke answered:
Thank you so much Cindy. I am very happy . Your words inspiring me to do more practise.
MeanOldLady asked:
Your English is waaaaaay better than my Hungarian. (My only words are 'Egri Bikaver.') We can understand what you are telling us, so that means your English is Not Bad!
Anna Csurke answered:
O.K. Thank you. The Egri Bikavr is a good wine, we like it.

Skill Level