Practice Stitching

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I am my own worst critic and a perfectionist which means I am too scared to jump right in and quilt on a real quilt (although I do have several tops ready to be quilted). I decided to make a practice sandwich to start and whilst there is much improvement needed, I am actually really pleased with my sample. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Trust in yourself and the process. Just do it!

Q&A with Curlyque Sue

Kitts asked:
Wow! Your practice FMQ looks so beautiful and professional! I especially love your curlyquies! They are so lovely! Please post photos of your quilts when you get them done. I am sure they will be stunning. Don't be so hard on yourself....your work is awesome!
Curlyque Sue answered:
Thank you for such positive comments. Confidence s growing with each practice.
Darns asked:
Your quilting is fabulous! Get quilting on those tops - you're ready!
Curlyque Sue answered:
Will do - I have 1 quilt layered and ready to go and 6 flimsy's just waiting g
jobeard@onlinemac.com asked:
Exceptional! Beautiful work. Did you do this on a long arm or home sewing machine?
Curlyque Sue answered:
Thanks Jo. All done on a domestic sewing machine. I have a volatile relationship with my machine. Bought it sight unseen based on some reviews and recommendations. Big mistake - should always test run to see what fits but we are very slowly learning to get along!!!
MarjorieV asked:
I think uou can take the training wheels off znd go solo! Your piece is impressive, look foward toxseeing more.
Curlyque Sue answered:
With such positive reinforcement I am almost ready to quilt a "real" quilt. Just got to get out of my own head!
Angela Walters asked:
I agree with everyone else, go for it! You did a fantastic job :)
Curlyque Sue answered:
Thanks so much Angela. Loving this class and your book (which i have read so many times since receiving it that the edges are starting to curl!). I am slowly coming to the realization that it doesn't have to be perfect. Even though they are glaringly obvious to me I'm sure no one else but me even notices the "whoopsies".

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