Pleated silk cummerbund & bowtie FIESTA

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Finishing before the Fiesta Coronation, and making my friend who commissioned the order happy. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Make sure you have a cummerbund/bowtie set to study before you start, and the hardware. But if you just want to pleat and use Carol's techniques, silk is perfect for this! The Sari yarn was lovely to work with. Because the outer pleats are twisted between rows, I was unable to fill those areas with decorative stitches: but I was able to add many rows of stitches, sometimes on top of each other, just next to the couched Sari yarns and I loved the look. If this wasn't for a man, I think the French knots and beading would have been wonderful!

What you will need

  • Dupioni silk
  • French Tricot fusible
  • a variety of sewing threads

Q&A with Pam Sews

Carol Ann Waugh asked:
You are an amazing artist!
Pam Sews answered:
oh, gosh, I'm stuttering, I'm blushing...I'm overwhelmed. YOU are the one who turned on the light to couching freely and building up stitching...and thanks SO much for the time-saving pointers because I did not have time to make mistakes. I've signed up for your intriguing Stitch & Slash class - I am so drawn to the forms!!- but I'm trying to discipline myself to make my sampler here first. I may have to quit my job so I can play full time! Thank you SO much for your inspirations (and your kind words), I am so excited.
imapiecemaker asked:
Lime green is my favorite color!
Pam Sews answered:
I'm so glad you could tell it was lime!! The color is a little off, and the colored couching and threads are really brighter. It is so nice when you get to work on something you like, too! (I guess that explains why there is a pile of mending beside my machine...) Love your name!
Jean bolton asked:
so beautiful!
Pam Sews answered:
I'm anxious to see photos of Billy wearing it at the coronation- he is a brave soul, unlike my conservative husband!
ConnieofHH asked:
Awesome job! Just love the way you used the Perfect Pleater and made "waves". The silk Sari yarn was perfect for the couching!
Pam Sews answered:
sbloom asked:
This is gorgeous - very Festive.
Pam Sews answered:
there is no such word as "gaudy" for Fiesta!!

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