Project Description

What was your inspiration? The design of the placemats is from the HGTV board. One of the members posted a class and I thought it would be nice to have something usefull to practice my FMQ instead of lots of pieces never used otherwise.

What you will need

  • cotton fabtics and polyester batting brildor embroidery thread for quilting

Q&A with Anael

Darns asked:
Beautiful work! Love the quilting & the cheerful fabrics.
Anael answered:
Thank you!
maggiesc asked:
Fabulous idea, I too need to learn FMQ, did you draw design on first? It is so consistent ?
Anael answered:
No, I didn't draw the design on first, it's done freehand.
maggiesc asked:
Your stitches are just amazing! I can only hope to one day master FMQ as you have done, once I drop the feed dog all heck breaks loose with my stitch size. I have done some with dogs up, it is not as detailed but my stitches are consistent. I have not practiced that much because I get disappointed but I have a feeling this is something that may take a lot of practice to even become OK at it, am I right?
Anael answered:
At first I did FMQ with feed dogs down but now I leave them up and set stitch length to zero. Makes more sense. I don't practice that much, I piece and piece and piece and hardly do FMQ. First time FMQ was 2 years ago. I took a class because I didn't know how and what to do. This is the second class on FMQ I'm taking and I learned a lot from Leah. And yes, with practice you will get better. Just use small pieces like placemats, mug rugs or pot holders for practicing.

Skill Level