Pinwheel Quilt

What you will need

  • Fabric and thread

Q&A with cave lady

maggiesc asked:
Can you take a photo of the entire quilt, from what I can see it is beautiful!
cave lady answered:
If you have a look in my project folder . There is a photo of the whole quilt.
Adele asked:
sweet! how wide are your sashing strips and how big are the pinwheel blocks? Did you put the same sashing on the end rows or did you use a wider border?
cave lady answered:
Have a look at the photo of the whole qui.t in my project folder.
Adele asked:
how wide are your sashings and how big are your blocks? Did you use the same sashing on the outer edges of the pinwheels or did you use a wider border? I couldn't tell from the photo
cave lady answered:
This quilt was made while doing a class on craftsy. I think it was called quilting quickly.

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