Pinwheel Polka

Project Description

What are you most proud of? How well it turned out!

Q&A with Tanya W.

Mary Wholey asked:
very cool
Tanya W. answered:
Thank you!
Beadywoman asked:
Very nice!
Tanya W. answered:
Thank you very much!
theoldcrow asked:
I am considering taking this class. Even though I am a traditional quilter, there are some things I see that I like so much. Like this quilt. Your quilt. And New York Beauty introduction. And paper piecing techniques...
Tanya W. answered:
Thank you! I like the technique a lot, it really enables you to get some incredible design. However, I do cringe a bit at the extra fabric involved that gets wasted, it definitely uses more fabric than traditional quilting.
patz in suffolk asked:
Excellent colour choice - these pinwheels really spin!
Tanya W. answered:
Thank you! I was a little bit worried about the green and black, but I think it works.
Sconehead asked:
BEAUTIFUL!!! Love it!!
Tanya W. answered:
Thank you! I appreciate your comments!

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