Created by: 4bird2


You Can Make This

4bird2 made Pillows with:

Quick-Strip Paper Piecing

Online Class

Quick-Strip Paper Piecing

with Peggy Martin

  • cotton
  • flannel back

Q&A with 4bird2

nyperi13 asked:
Hi, I just enrolled in this class and was browsing through the student projects and saw your work... WOW -- really beautiful! Now I'm even more inspired :)
4bird2 answered:
Thank you.
Peggy Martin asked:
It's fun to see all three of your pillows finished and all together!! You did truly a wonderful job with your piecing, and those colors and fabrics are awesome!
4bird2 answered:
I appreciate the compliments. I couldn't have done it without your great instruction. I think it was so important to stress the color choice, and I am pleased with my results. The points are the focus of these designs and they show quite nicely. Thank you so much for making your instruction easy to follow, I truly appreicate the skills of an educator.
TerriLaycock asked:
These look great 4Bird. Love your fabric choice. Really has some punch :)
4bird2 answered:
I hope the people that they were made for don't get tired of such bright colors.
ladydi0102 asked:
WOW!! Love the color choice. You did a great job on these!!!
4bird2 answered:
Thank you.
kitwhel asked:
These are awesome! I love the color contrasts.
4bird2 answered:
Thank you. They have been made as a wedding gift to brighten up Minnesota cloudy days.