Phone book quilt

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? I like the idea of scrap quilting in this manner but i would most likely use old sheets for the substructure of this quilt leaving it in place as part of the whole quilt. I am making a denim quilt for my husband with an old sheet as the substructure. I find I like that better it stays put where as the paper ones loose the structure when it is removed. I feel that was a bit bothersome for me. Loved the course and learned a great deal from it.

What you will need

  • fabric scraps
  • part of old blanket
  • and old sheet for back.

Q&A with joyfulous42

ImBloved asked:
why is it called a phone book quilt? is that the name of the pattern? or did you make it up? lol...I don't usually do patterns so other than the maple leaf, wedding ring, log cabin and pin wheel...I have no clue on names of blocks
joyfulous42 answered:
the name come from using pages of a phone book as substructure for the piecing.. it is also called a string quilt..using very fine bits of fabric, you tear the paper out after it is done.. but I find if i am going to do a quilt like this i am putting it on a old sheet some of the fabrics went wonky after i pulled the paper,, just use an 8 1/2 square or what ever size you want .. go to you scraps bin pull out pieces and sew.. start in the middle with the first piece and sew out from there
judy liz asked:
Have you tried (used) fabric softener dryer sheets? They work great and you overlap for larger blocks!
joyfulous42 answered:
maybe but I dont use any fabric softener... either for washer or dryer... but thanks for the idea