Paper Piecing Gone Wild!

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Staying true to the designer's pattern. Any mistakes are my own.

What you will need

  • Scraps. Pattern called Starlight Diverging by Soma Acharya. She runs a shop in Etsy called whims and fancies. She customized the pattern to 12.5" for me.

Q&A with MsDuane

QuiltDude asked:
This looks so good! I have the same pattern, but I've been too chicken to try it. I've done paper piecing before, so I'm familiar with the process, but this particular pattern scared me. I love all the colors you've chosen. Mistakes, you say? I don't see any, this is just a great, eye-catching block. How hard was it to make? You've inspired me to give this a go... maybe. LOL
MsDuane answered:
You should really try it. It's tedious but I like tedium. :) It's not difficult at all. Since it's so many pieces, I opted not to remove all the paper after I sewed the initial pieces together. I'm really bad with the perfect 1/4 seams so I used the paper as a guide to line up the pieces to be joined. Makes for some interesting paper removal but eh, trivialities. You'll really love the results.
Dena_LivinH20 asked:
Very pretty. I would like to try paper piecing some day soon.
MsDuane answered:
Thank you. Try it, you'll love it. Maybe something less intimidating looking to get you started!
NanaJeanFL asked:
Gorgeous block! Nicely done. Look forward to seeing more of your work :D
MsDuane answered:
Thank you
Katie999 asked:
Beautiful!! :Love the colors! It looks very precise and perfectly done! Impressive! :)
MsDuane answered:
Thank you :)
karen c williams asked:
Very nice, i don't know what paper piecing is (yet) but this is very nice work! I have just started about two weeks ago learning to quilt. Maybe I will get there one day.
MsDuane answered:
Thank you. Google paper piecing and you'll find oodles of patterns. Check out the paper piecing lesson in this course for an introduction. You'll love it.