Origami Tote

What you will need

  • This tote was created from six different pieces of Art Cloth - cloth that has been dyed
  • stenciled
  • stamped
  • and painted. I call this cloth my Clean up Cloth because the dyed fabric is used to wipe off paint brushes and containers
  • some of which were used to create different Art Cloth or the cloth that I am creating. Sometimes the paintbrushes are cleaned off on the back of the cloth or to create a frame around the cloth. The result is a stiff cloth that is wonderful for many applications. I even use regular wall paint on the back to stiffen it. The tote design comes from a Craftsy class that I am simultaneously taking called The Charm Tote.

Q&A with Jjjki

Jane Dunnewold asked:
This is so handsome!!! I love it when function and beauty co-exist. Go, girl!
Jjjki answered:
Yes, it is like the symbiotic relationship between art & science which I am intriqued with.
Jane Dunnewold asked:
Are you selling them on etsy or anywhere else?
Jjjki answered:
I haven't set up an etsy shop yet but am seriously thinking about it.
SadieFox asked:
Gorgeous! I love the custom details and fabric.
Jjjki answered:
Thank you. I have made two more and will post photos when I can.
minibux1432697 asked:
I would buy that purse! It is too cute! I love everything about it. What is the handle made from?
Jjjki answered:
Thank you. The handle is made from fat piping covered with purse fabric then wrapped with embroidery thread.

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